Tables 10.1 and 10.2

Assessment of the soil or building material is done to level the terrain of your building or to remove the material from the building.

Description of the analysis

This analysis of soil or building material is required in the following cases:

  1. For soil or building material you will use in your construction for leveling the terrain, weighing, etc.
  2. For soil or building material you need to take out of the building and take it to a landfill.

In most cases, the sampling by an independent and accredited person is required. See sampling prices below.

We provide volume discounts on two or more samples . 




Test duration

Table 10.1



7-10 days

Table 10.2 (ecotoxicity)



14-21 days

Total cost of analysis



14-21 days

All prices are without VAT.

We automatically compare the results of the samples with the limits for the decree and offer a verbal evaluation of the results, including recommendations on how to dispose of the waste further, no extra charge.      

Why is it so expensive and takes so long?

Because tests are performed in dry matter (Table 10.1) and on living organisms (Table 10.2 or ecotoxicity) at the same time. Mustard seed germination, fish death rate, immobilization (loss of mobility) of daphnia, inhibition (growth retardation) of algae are tested. These tests have a prescribed length over which the results are read and cannot be accelerated in any way.

It is advantageous because even though you may pay for an expensive assessment, storing the material itself is significantly cheaper than if you had to get rid of the material. 


The decree requires sampling by an independent and accredited person. However, some landfills and intermediate landfills do not require this and you can extract the sample yourself.

  • Accredited sampling by our employees, including the sampling protocol, price from 550 Kč (depending on the complexity of sampling). If it is necessary to dig or drill a probe, the price is 1,100 Kč.    
  • Accredited assessment also cannot be attacked in retrospect ("But sir, you could have sampled it anywhere, we will not authorize it.")  
  • Transport of the sample to the laboratory is charged for a distance longer than 25 km from Prague or České Budějovice.  

Sample containers and recommended sample quantity

The following rules apply if you take the sample yourself:

  • 2 kg of material (or more if wet). The recommended sample container is a plastic bucket with a lid, which you can borrow from us, free of charge.   
  • It is necessary to make a mixed sample from several places. For example to get sample from the pile of soil, you need to bypass it from all sides and take one shovel from each place into the bucket or bag.
  • If the material is inhomogeneous, all components should be removed if possible.

Order an analysis

All prices are without VAT.

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To get your results only three steps are needed

Clarification of the assessment

We will confirm the purpose for which the assessment is needed.

Clarification of the assessment

For a landfill or for your own information?

Soil sampling

According to the decree, our employee should be the one extracting the sample.

Soil sampling

We recommend to call the landfill in advance and verify what needs to be done.


We will start analysing your samples as soon as we get them.


You will receive the results by email within two weeks, exceptionally within three weeks.