How to get sampling sets?

You can pick up the sampling sets for drinking water in person, have them delivered by messenger or our technicians can collect the samples for you

3 ways to get the sampling sets:

Personal pick up

Sampling sets can be picked up in person at one of our laboratories. 

Personal pick up is free of charge.

We will explain how to collect the samples and give you the handover protocol.

Shipping via messenger 

We can ship the sampling sets via messenger service Intime.

The cost of shipping is CZK 150. 

You will also receive instructions on how to take samples and prefilled handover protocol. 

Sampling by our technicians

Our technicians can do the sampling for you at your place. In this case, you don't need to worry about picking up the sampling sets as our technicians will bring them along. 

The costs of sampling is CZK 500. 

In case you location is farther than 25 km away from Prague or České Budějovice travel fee will be charged. 

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