Asphalt analysis

Do you run an asphalt packing plant or do you recycle or mill asphalt? According to Decree No. 130/2019, you need to perform an assessment of asphalt. Let us do it for you!

Description of the analysis

Do you run an asphalt packing plant, asphalt recycling? Are you renovating roads and milling asphalt? According to Decree No. 130/2019, you need  to perform an analysis of asphalt. We will arrange it for you!

Rozbor asfaltu

With effect from 1 June 2019, the Decree No. 130/2019 on the criteria of the asphalt mixture determine when it becomes a by-product or ceases to be waste.      


The decree describes in detail which requirements need to be met in order for the asphalt mixture (or. the recovered asphalt mixture) ceased to be waste.

The mixture is classified in quality classes ZAS-T1 to T4 on the basis of the sum of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

The price for the accredited analysis of 16 PAH congeners is 1,650 Kč without VAT, in the case of a larger number of samples we offer 5-20% discount.   


The standard processing time for the analysis is one week, but it can be up to 48 hours.  

As for the speed of sampling, it depends on mutual agreement, because sometimes it is necessary to ensure the occupation of the road, etc.

Number of samples

The decree stipulates the following minimum numbers of samples:

  • For diagnostics of the surveyed construction, the min. one sample per 20 thousand m2.       
  • For the already demolished recovered mixture, the min. one sample per 20 thousand tonnes.       

Sampling and transport

Sampling from a milled pile

If you have asphalt milled in a pile or landfill, the situation is simple: The decree does not specify that the collection must be accredited, so all you have to do is collect it and deliver the sample to the laboratory. If you want to save some time, we can take a sample for the price of 500 Kč. 

Sampling from a road

Decree states that sampling and analysis must take place before the start of construction work. Sampling should be taken from the test wells so that each asphalt layer can be assessed separately. The following pricing rules apply: 

  • The price of one bore is 1600 Kč.       
  • A mixed sample of up to 20,000 m2 can be created, with a sub-sample of 5,000 m2 .          
  • 1 mixed sample therefore consists of up to 4 bores: 1600 * 4 = 6400 Kč.       
  • The bore also needs to be cut and crushed, which costs 1,600 Kč.       
  • The bore consists of several layers, in each of which the PAHs should be determined. For example if we consider 3 layers, the price for the analysis will be 1500 × 3 = 6000 Kč.       

For summary, we present a table for 20,000 m2


Item Unit price  Number  Final price
Drilling with a diameter of 150 mm to a depth of 300 mm 1600 4 6400
Divide the bore into layers 1600 1 1600
Determination of PAH according to 130/2019 (we consider 3 layers) 1650 3 4950
Documentation and interpretation 900 1 900
Transport 15 Kč/km    
Total price without shipping​     13400

The calculation for other areas is given in this table

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All prices are without VAT.

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