Analysis of methanol in alcohol

For 399 Kč we will perform an accredited alcohol analysis. So you can be 100% sure that your alcohol supplies do not contain deadly methanol.

Description of the analysis

Do you want to be sure that your alcohol supplies do not contain lethal methyl alcohol (methanol )? Do you have homemade spirit and want to make sure that it is okay? Or do you have a new alcohol supplier and want to make sure that they don't fiddle their products? We will perform a test of methanol in alcohol for you (399 Kč).              

Rozbor metanolu v alkoholu

Price of test

The price for the analysis of methyl alcohol in a distillate sample is 399 Kč including VAT per sample.  

Minimum amount of sample and sample container

The minimum amount of the sample is about 50 ml, the sample container can be any sealing and clean bottle, clean glass from baby food, etc.


You will find out the results of the test as soon as possible, but no later than one week after delivery of the sample to the laboratory.

Order an analysis

All prices include VAT.

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rozbor metanolu v alkoholu

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To get your results only three steps are needed

The sample must be extracted and transported to our laboratory. After filling in the handover protocol you just wait for the results in email.


Just pour about 50 ml.


We will start analysing your samples as soon as we get them.

Submitting results

You will receive the results via email within 7 days.